Rugged Xtremes Industrial and Mining Equipment

For over 20 years, Rugged Xtreme has supplied major mining sites across Australia with a range of essentials such as workwear, bags, and water bottles. Accredited by a range of high-profile producers in the industry, Rugged Xtremes has innovative solutions for your time on site.

At Safety Zone Australia, we supply premium Rugged Xtremes products created to withstand the harsh Australian conditions providing goods such as bags and backpacks that preserve food and drink, tools, and accessories. If any complications arise, have peace of mind in knowing Rugged Xtremes has a comprehensive warranty policy to ensure you get the best possible outcome. If you need help finding the Rugged Xtreme products that suit the demands of your worksite, contact our reliable team today.

Rugged Xtreme Crib Bags

Our extensive range of Rugged Xtreme crib bags are built to ensure your belongings stay secure and protected in any environment. Non-insulated Rugged Xtreme crib bags provide suitable space and organised compartments, ideal for storing tools and general equipment. The cutting-edge materials used in our Rugged Xtreme insulated canvas crib bags are UV-resistant and capable of keeping your lunch and drinks cold for hours. Rugged Xtreme’s crib bags come in many different colours, materials, and sizes, allowing us to supply the crib bag designed for your needs.

Rugged Xtreme Deluxe Tool Bags

Rugged Xtreme tool bags are perfect for tradespeople and professionals due to their longevity and versatility. These deluxe tool bags provide multiple compartments and pockets, allowing you to store various tools and accessories. We also supply tool bags built to protect your tools from harsh weather conditions due to their heavy-duty PVC material. Rugged Xtreme tool bags also provide convenience and comfort with adjustable straps and practical designs. Browse our range below to find the tool bag needed for your requirements.

Rugged Xtreme Food and Drink Accessories

As well as providing quality crib and tool bags, Rugged Xtreme provides food and drink accessories such as containers, cutlery, and insulted water bottles. Rugged Xtreme food accessories ensure you have a well-deserved hot meal and cold-water bottle after long hours on the job. As well as preserving your meals, these accessories are also reusable, perfect additions to your lunch kit.

Browse Our Range of Rugged Xtreme Equipment

For reliable crib bags, tool bags, and other Rugged Xtreme products browse our range below. If you have any questions, contact our experienced team on (08) 9331 6831.

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