Safety Apparel

We have a comprehensive range of safety clothing, designed to keep you protected in any work environment. From general safety apparel like headlamps, support belts and shoe covers to specialised gear like rain protection, sun protection and welding apparel, we have you covered. Our quality products ensure comfort, durability and compliance with safety standards, so you can focus on the job at hand.

Safety Clothing

Our safety clothing is made to provide optimal protection while maintaining a high level of comfort. Whether you need reliable vests for enhanced visibility or sturdy freezer wear to tackle extreme temperatures, Safety Zone Australia has the ideal safety clothing for every situation. Our range includes a variety of apparel, ensuring you find the right fit and style to suit your specific job requirements.

Browse Safety Clothing

Take the first step towards a safer work environment with our quality safety clothing. From disposable overalls and kneepads to bags and more, you can rely on our products to meet your requirements. Stay protected and comfortable throughout your workday with Safety Zone. Browse our safety clothing below or in our Perth warehouse. If you need any assistance, reach out to our team on  (08) 6117 2916.

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