Embroidery Service

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Product Description

Embroidery Service

We can have your company logo digitised and embroidered to suit your requirements.  We will embroider individual names and logos to all shirts, trousers, shorts, polos, caps, jackets, overalls and safety vests, or can have them made into professional badges and epaulettes.

If you have existing uniforms that are not embroidered, just give them to us with your next uniform order and we will get them embroidered as well for the same price.

To provide a quote, we will need a high resolution digitised image of your logo.  If you require your logo to be digitised, there is a one off charge of $60 excl GST.  A standard sized logo will cost around $5 – $9, depending on the stitch count. Larger logos are upwards of $9.  Names and safety messages are also commonly embroidered and are priced from $3 upwards.

To find out more about our embroidery & digitising services for your business, email our office at mail@safetyzone.com.au or call 08 9331 6831.