3M 2138 Particulate Filter Pair GP3

Product Code: RE3M2138

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Product Description

3M™ 2138 Particulate Filter GP2/GP3 Pair
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1716 Standards
  • Protects against solids and liquid particles P3R, with extra protection against organic and acid gases, vapours under limit, as well as ozone up to 10 x TLV.
  • Additionally against organic vapour and acid gases below OEL
  • Suitable for use with 3M™ 6000 and 3M™ 7000 Series Half Face and Full Face Masks
  • Provides GP3 protection only with full facepiece respirator. Provides GP2 protection with half facepiece respirator
  • Lightweight with low breathing resistance: uses both sides of the filter
  • Excellent field of vision
  • 3M™ Bayonet Fixing System ensures precise and secure locking
  • Sold in pairs