3M 6057 A1B1E1 Filter Cartridge Pair

Product Code: RE3M6057

$35.44 inc GST

Product Description

3M™ A1B1E1 Filter Cartridge Pair
  • Provides protection against organic vapours and acid gases (A1B1E1)
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1716 Standards
  • Suitable for use with 3M™ full face and half face respirators
  • High performance activated carbon for effective filtration
  • 3M™ Bayonet Connection System ensures precise and secure locking
  • Low profile and well balanced twin filter design
  • Suitable when working with solvents and/or acid gases such as toluene, chlorine, hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide
  • Degreasing, using paint thinners, acid cleaning, etching and electroplating, acid and fertiliser manufacturing.
  • Note: Gas/vapour cartridges do not filter particulates. If there is exposure to particulates, including mists, use a combination of filters for protection.
  • Sold in pairs
  • 1 pair per box