Miller Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyard Fixed 1.5m

Product Code: HSFL15

$166.36 inc GST

Product Description

Miller L11WEC Webbing Lanyard 1.5M Fixed
  • Energy absorbing lanyard where a worker needs to limit their fall distance
  • 35mm polyester webbing 1.5m length
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1891.1
  • 19mm opening double acting hooks each end
  • Add scaffold hooks to each end for easy attachment to the harness
  • Allows for users to be closely connected to their anchorage point
  • For use in situations where the free fall does not exceed 2M
  • Lightweight, easy to use and does not retain dirt or grime
  • Supplier code L11WEC1.5
  • Datasheet